The use of chain hoists principle

Detailed introduction
   hz-c-type chain hoist shell made of imported steel triangle case, than the more common solid stable circular shell. chain hoist friction plate within in the production process, improve the wear resistance, in the sales process also the friction distribution of a film, chain hoist chain in the factory have been rust treatment, length can be customized according to customer demand, the rotating gear chain hoists high temperature heat treatment to achieve the very high wear resistance of gear, according to to chain hoists to meet the high-intensity, high frequency of work environment and extend the service life of chain hoists, chain hoists chain can withstand more than 4 times the drag force pull to ensure work safety. Wei Sheng Beijing RoyalTek production and sales of the chain hoist is an international standard Z-class high-strength chain hoist, advanced structure, high strength components, easy maintenance features. Our company is a professional manufacture of mechanical equipment, lifting a modern enterprise with many years of design manufacturing history, and an effective corporate culture, advanced management concepts, distinctive management style, in the market, establishing a good corporate image.