VL lever hoists

Detailed introduction
VL-type Hand hoist is a small light, multi-purpose manual lifting, traction machinery, widely used in electric power, mining, shipbuilding, construction, transport, telecommunications and other parts of the equipment installation, goods lifting, mechanical traction, bundled parts , the line taut and welding position and so on, especially in small workplaces, outdoor high-altitude operations and various angles of pulling more of their superiority.


1, the body compact, light weight, easy to carry
2, double-pawl brake, brake safe
3, heat-treated steel, gears, shafts provide it with greater strength, upper and lower hooks are forged together with safety lock sheet, and using a high-strength alloy chain
4, convenient way mechanical rotation of the chain adjustment
5, Weston double card does not adjust automatically brakes
6,360-degree rotating handle for use in confined spaces
7, the design of the gear clutch device can ditch freely adjust the position required no-load
8, the experiment fatigue strength is 1.5 times nominal, and meet times 2000 times

9, the safety factor of 4: 1