Hoisting safety knowledge

Detailed introduction
Crane lifting operations of the general provisions have? 
① crane lifting operations before special construction plan preparation, and approved on a technical charge of examination and approval. Crane Erection shall include on-site environmental, engineering situation, construction technology, according to the selection of lifting appliances, lifting mast of the design calculations, design of ground anchors, wire rope and rigging design selection, to the requirements of endurance and road , component stack in place plans and hoist the various protective measures. Ding-way construction program must address the actual situation and the on-site guiding. 
② Certificate of crane drivers and training positions must be consistent with the type of crane drivers. 
③ crane driver should be familiar with mechanical principles, maintenance rules, safe operation, command signals and strictly comply with them. 
④ hand plane to implement the system, strictly implement the shift change the system, non-drivers are not allowed to operate. 
⑤ work before, check the wire rope wear, and conduct a comprehensive inspection of lifting appliances. Check the controller and drive unit, brake reliability. Determine the components to operate completely normal before. 
⑥ crane lifting weights, not to luffing boom operator, and ranged from no-load operation must be carried out. Can not run when the amplitude, rotation, lifting three kinds of action in any 'kind of action at the same time. 
⑦ for the lifting operation must be tested only after the formal lifting crane is correct. 
⑧ operation, the case of six or more high winds, heavy rain, snow and other bad weather, should stop lifting operation, the boom down to a safe location. 
⑨ to maintain cleanliness and hygiene crane, crane and timely maintenance of oil spills and clean the dirt outside. 
10.2 Lifting rope 
(1) lifting rope factor of safety, security, number of laps and so on is how to request? 
① hoisting rope shall meet the different uses of the safety factor. Lifting by means of wire rope safety factors, human-driven, the safety factor of not less than 4.5 times; machinery driver, no less than 5-6 times. 
② In the hoist drum wire rope safety circle not less than 3 laps, the end of a rope fixed firmly in the lap of the state to retain 2 should be rated to withstand 1.25 times the pull rope.