VA lever hoist

Detailed introduction

VA-type lever hoist is a small light, multi-purpose manual lifting, traction machinery, widely used in electric power, mining, shipbuilding, construction, transport, telecommunications and other sectors of the equipment installation, goods lifting, mechanical traction, spare parts tied closer and welding on the bit line and other occasions, especially in small workplaces, outdoor high-altitude operations and a variety of different angles with remarkable pulling its superiority.

1, compact structure, small size, light weight to carry, especially for its field and working at height.

2, the whole structure of high-strength steel plate, the surface spraying, solid coating, impact resistance and wear resistance.

3, brakes with dual pawl brake to ensure the application of safety and reliability.

4, the chain structure of a closed chain guide cover structure, ensure that the chain operation reliability.

5, hook alloy steel forging and heat treatment process to ensure that overloading occurs in use hook deformation without breaking, so as to ensure suitable safety.

6, the design of the brake clutch means no load is free to pull the chain to improve efficiency.

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